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Fine Lettering Guide printed - English

Did you get caught too? Would you like to get involved in the beautiful brush- / handlettering adventure? I am so happy to be able to share with you some basics on modern lettering that helped me most when I once started. This Fine Lettering guide helps you to be able to start your lettering journey well equipped and as free from frustration as possible.

Besides some tips & tricks on the right equipment and its handling, you will find a brief explanation of some lettering / calligraphy terms. But most of all, there are a lot of exercises that will guide you through the alphabet and give you plenty of opportunity to improve your skills.

Fine Lettering Guide printed - English

Artikelnummer: fd-320297E-ph
20,00 CHFPreis
  • DIN A4

    23 pages

    printed on coated paper, suitable for Brush-/Handlettering


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