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It is my passion to create beautiful things. I offer a variety of design services such as unique  projects in the area of modern lettering & fine art calligraphy, bespoke wedding stationary, printed products as well as customized business brandings.

Ever since I can remember I have admired the beauty that lies in our wonderfully created world. I am fascinated by the details to be discovered in it, unexpected colour combinations, complex patterns, splendour and simplicity. Inspired by its designer and creator, I have enjoyed being creative myself since I was a little girl.

Starting my own business with Fine Designs | Creative Works several years ago, was a dream come true and has allowed me to do what I love. Since 2017 year I have the priviledge to persue my passion for designing - Fine Art Calligraphy, Modern Lettering, Logo & Branding Designs as well as many other creative works full time.

When I'm not working you'll find me spending time with my family or dear friends, traveling, sitting in a coffeeshop or finding out more about my great source of inspiration: Jesus.

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