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Happy New Year 2020

day 1

fine brush lettering challenge january 2020

A happy new year, everybody!!! Coming from a season of hardships, I caught myself finding these phrases very empty sometimes. So I try to fill them with meaning. When I say, I wish you a happy new year, I mean:

H a p p y - fulfilling, real joy bringing, life giving, peace spreading, rest allowing, healing tears sheding, health restoring, refreshing, quickening, creativity releasing, by boldness empowered and new strength gaining...

N e w - not existing before {leaving old, hindering, irrelevant stuff and pain behind, stepping into a new season that you have not yet experienced}

Y e a r - not only the next 365 days ahead, but the coming season and period beyond.

This is a the day #1 of Fine Brush Lettering challenge. You are welcome to join, just add @learnfinelettering / @fineletterings and #learnfinelettering to your posts!

Cheers every body!

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